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Gerard Torres SanmartíSabadell (Spain) , 1987
Web artista:
It is always difficult to speak of the work yourself. In my case I wanted a goal that just never quite be defined, so when I find a solution I have a new problem that I question the previous results and so it some how makes me start over and ask questions. What if I’m very clear is that it produces a longing that runs through my body and mind and it makes me feel alive.

It is typical of my work to start a project and finish it with another. The margin of error always I’m interested in this, I guess I trial and error method works very well, feel comfortable because for me this is the gear that builds slowly discourse consistent.
In this sense science and has a lot to do and the truth is always e felt a special attraction towards her. The work I do ( and projects ) can be considered as a kind of theories can be used to understand the questions and raise concerns that any human being can feel.

Art is a language and within this there are many ways to explain from a brush stroke to balance structure with a volume in space , all these mediums I used to talk and develop a belief in what I do. Things exist and only when we try to do in my case real ideas and assumptions that can raise awareness and share.

The human condition is the refore interesting as the art can express a uncontrollably but very efficient. Speaking in terms of painting is very difficult but I think this speaks for itself inevitably and this makes the whole thing is all very emotional. The aspects that lead us to create and produce a work are very diverse and that what I want to know.
-Degree in Fine Arts at University of Barcelona (2012)

-Workshop in drawing and pictorial technique in Accademia del Giglio.
Firenze. (2008)